Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ok just a quick email today because I'm running out of time!

Tianabelle's baptism was so awesome!! Sister Pipes and I couldn't find anyone to give the talk on baptism so we ended up doing that together and I was super nervous for that because it was my first talk ever in Spanish. But it went well. There were a lot of people from the ward there to support her. She is just so awesome! I wish I could explain how cool she is. On Sunday after her confirmation she told me that she feels like when you've had a really long hard day at work and then you come home and shower and you feel refreshed and relaxed. I thought that a really cool way to explain how she was feeling and it's obvious that she recognizes the difference now that she is baptized.

Bethany is getting baptized on Saturday!!! This isn't super ideal because she won't be able to get confirmed until the next Sunday but we feel really good about this decision and Bethany is SO excited. When we went to her house yesterday, she told us that she had read all of the little pamplets that go along with the lessons over and over again so that she knew them really good. She's so cute; I love her!

One of our investigators, Manuel, has been really hard to get a hold of the past 3 or so week so we sort of dropped him because he wasn't acting super interested. But then on Sunday, he showed up to church for the first time! It was crazy and awesome!

Missionary life is going great. We've seen so many miracles and it's the best! 

Love you all!!

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