Friday, September 7, 2012

How Firm a Foundation

Thank you so much for everyones concern and prayers about my leg issues! I really appreciate it! Update on the issue: Basically the shot of cortozon I got last Tuesday did nothing. So I went back to the health clinic and they were able to move up my follow up appointment with the specialist. I went in yesterday to take an MRI. I was pretty terrified of this experience because every time there is an MRI scene on Grey's Anatomy, someone has a heart attack or a seizure or something. So clearly I thought I was going to die. Plus the little tube thing they stick you in is pretty small. But since my appointment was early in the morning they took my right back and to the MRI room. I just decided to keep my eyes closed the whole time until they were taking my out so that I didn't get claustrophobic. And then when images of people dying in MRI's started popping into my head, I had to sing  How Firm a Foundation in my head. So they finally got done after I was in there for about 20-25 minutes and they had the tech guy come check out the pictures and he said that it looked like I had some pelvis abnormalities (too much info for a letter that is going to end up on my blog for the whole world to read? I don't know...) and so they gave my an IV of this dye stuff so that the pictures would come out clearer, stuck me back in the machine, I sang some more of How Firm a Foundation and then they let me loose. So now I have leg problems and I probably won't be able to have children because I have an abnormal pelvis. Great. I actually don't even really find out what's wrong with me until Tuesday when I meet with the doctor. So I'll keep you updated as best I can. If anyone in Provo (or anyone that comes up to Provo every Tuesday) is feeling really sorry for me, I'm pretty sure some cupcakes from Cocoa Bean would cheer me up a lot. Especially if it was Better than Whatever flavored. But I mean I'm just throwing that bit of info out there...haha
We are finally getting new sisters in our room this Wednesday. We've had three empty beds since Hermana Harris left. We're hoping that they are advanced Spanish sisters so that they can help us improve our Spanish.
We will also be getting our flight plans on Thursday so the next time you hear from me, I'll have an exact day of when I leave the MTC. Unless they make me stay because of my leg, which I'm thinking is pretty unlikely but I guess if it happens, there will be some reason for it.
I've started to cry when I bear my testimony in Spanish, so that's sort of a problem. I thought I would be able to hold it together since I only sort of know what I'm saying, but apparently I'm just going to be crying throughout my entire mission. Speaking of Spanish, I've been trying really hard to speak only Spanish each day. It's been going pretty well. Obviously there are times when I have to speak English because the people I'm talking to don't speak Spanish but overall I feel like I've been able to do a pretty good job. At first it was super hard because the Elders were always making fun of all my mistakes, which is sort of my fault because I don't really care when they make fun of anything else I do. But I think they've gotten the picture that Spanish is the one thing they should just leave me alone about.
We have two baptismal dates, one for Patric and one for Juan. We are really excited that we've finally gotten to the point with both of them that they don't have other issues getting in the way of their baptism. Too bad they aren't real investigators but it's still really exciting. And the other day, my companions and I were kind of struggling with some planning because we all had different ideas for a lesson and Hermano Johnson took us out to talk about it with us. He helped us figure out what we can start doing better in our lessons. But then at the end he said that he honestly feels like we are doing a really good job and he said he couldn't teach like we can until he was four months into the his mission. That was a huge confidence booster and makes me feel a lot more ready to be in N.Y.
Thanks for your letters and love! You are all the best!!
Hermana Parkin

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