Friday, August 31, 2012

MTC's on Fire, But Whatever

We started teaching more investigators this week. we are teaching Nate and Cooper, who in real life are two elders in my district. They haven't been too difficult of investigators yet and I really enjoy teaching them. We're still teaching Juan and Patric and both of them want to get baptised, we just have to work through a few obstacles first. For example, Patric needs to get married to the mother of his two children...haha. I'm also now being an investigator with my companions. E. Chambers and E. Kubat teach us. We are suppose to be acting like real people that we know so that it can be as real of an experience as possible. So I decided to be Kayla Swain. It's been a lot of fun to be the investigator.
Monday morning, 15ish minutes after we got up, the fire alarm in our building went off. When we opened the door there was smoke everywhere. Becuase H. Duchene is coordinating sister, we had to run around and make sure everyone in our zone was out of the building before we could leave. This included the girls on the floor below. So we go run and search for everyone but the smoke is only on our floor, the 4th floor, so a lot of the girls on the 3rd floor were just standing around and we had to yell at them that this was real and not a drill. Anyways we finally get outside and there are all these poor girls who were in the shower when the alarm went off so they had to come outside in their towels. I guess someone burned up the microwave so obviously it wasn't anything life threatening but it was pretty crazy.
I went to the doctor on Tuesday for my leg. After waiting 2 hours to see the doctor (what is up with all the doctors in Provo being late for their appointments??) he came in and talked to me and did a few tests and decided to give me an epidural of cortozon. I basically freaked out when I heard that word because I've only heard painful things about epidurals. But the nurse comes in to prep me and she tells me to lay on my stomach and she doesn't say anything to my companions about stepping out of the room or anything so I assume they're giving it to me in my back. But then she pulls my bottoms down and starts putting brown soap stuff all over my bum. So obviously my companions and I are even better friends now that they've both see my bum. Once she has my all prepped, the doctor comes back in and I didn't look at the needed out of fear but my companions said there was a ton of medicine in the medicine holder part. And then he sticks it in my bum and sends me on my way. It actually didn't really hurt. But so far it hasn't really helped the pain yet either. They had me make another appointment for Wed the 12th, or whatever that Wed is. If the pain doesn't stop, then he thinks it might be a herneated disk and he'll do an MRI at that appointment. He asked me if it was something that I could handle on my mission or if I would go home. I told him that I would definitely stay and in my head I'm going "Uh, you're not going to fix this problem??" I think they are going to do all they can but it might be something I have to see doctors in NY about.
We got three new elders in our district because they haven't gotten their visa's to go to other MTC's yet. They all seem cool and I actually had an English class with one of them at BYU. Also, speaking of BYU, I could hear cheers from the game last night as I was in bed. It made me realize how much I love BYU. I'll just go to school there forever and never graduated because I love it so much. haha
Love you all so much! Thanks for all you do!
Hermana Parkin

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