Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm almost to New York!!!

Hey there!!

So just to clarify because I didn't actually know when I was leaving last week, I will be heading to New York on Tuesday morning. Yay! So please don't send anything else to the MTC because I probably won't get it. Also if you wrote me a letter this past week, I might not have a chance to write you back until I'm at the airport on Tuesday because we kind of have a weird p-day today with less time and I need to pack...

This week was fabulous. It went super fast. I can't believe that my MTC stay is almost over. I'm so excited to get to New York. Also, we get to watch the Brigham City temple dedication on Sunday, which I'm way excited about because I've never been to one. And because Grandma Staheli send me a handkerchief from Grandma Vera soooo that's pretty awesome.

A lot of cool things happen this week relating to New York. First, on Sunday there was a fireside and this guy talked about the Book of Mormon play and how the church reacted to it. I guess there are signs all over NYC now. They bought a megatron thing in Times Square for ads and they have ads on the Taxi's and the Subway and everywhere. It is going to be SO AWESOME to serve there where the church is being talked about so much. It made me so pumped up to get out there and get working.

Also, Hermana Seely had to go to the optomatrist this week because her glasses broke. So while we were waiting for her, we started talking to one of the secretaries and she just got back from serving in my same exact mission, Spanish speaking, like 4 months ago. So I got to talk to her all about it and she loved it and she loves the sisters who are serving there right now too and I'm so excited. She said there are like 6-8 Spanish areas for the sisters and she was able to serve in the Bronx and Harlem and some other part of Manhatten. I was practically peeing my pants I was so excited. I am literally going to have the best mission ever!

Love Hermana Parkin

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