Friday, August 3, 2012

No Boyfriends Allowed!

I don't even know where to start this letter!! Ok so first of all, thank you so much for the letters! You have no idea how much it helps and how happy it makes me. I pretty much want to run laps every time I get one, and if you know me, then you know that I never want to run laps. Also, I think I lied to a lot of you when I told you how long I'd be in the MTC. My estimated departure date is Sep 25. So I'll be here for forever basically. But who matters (aka who cares) really because I'll miss most of the New York summer and I'm pretty happy about that.
Ok so Saturday was probably the worst day of my life. I cried at least 5 different times. I missed everyone. And then we taught a lesson and it was absolutely terrible and anyways it was a really hard day. I thought I was the poopiest missionary to ever exist. And everyone kept telling me that if you get to Sunday, everything gets better. But I totally did not believe them once Saturday was so horrible. But then Sunday came it is was the best day ever. Every single meeting I went to talked about things that I was worrying about. It was amazing. That night we watched Elder Holland's talk "Missions are Forever" and I can't even remember everything he talked about but it was so powerful and I just knew that I could do it. Becasue I can do hard things!
So therefore this week has gone so much better. I stopped worrying so much about my Spanish and focus more on the gospel and what I needed to be teaching our investigator. I think that really helped because I knew better what I wanted to say in our lessons and I somehow was able to say it. My Spanish has improved SO much, it's incredible. Our lessons with Hermana Salvatierra went so much better and we commited him to baptism (even though I'm pretty sure he was just being nice because we definitely didn't teach him enough about the gospel to really be prepared for baptism). But when he said yes, it was the best feeling in the whole world. And he wasn't even a real investigator! I'm so excited to have those experiences with real investigators! But basically the whole week havs just gotten so much better because I changed my attitude and because I realized that the Spanish will come but I really need to focus on the gospel.
Our district changed twice this week. First Hermana Wallis moved into our intermediate class from the beginning class and she became companions with H. Harris and I. That was Monday night. And then Wednesday night, H. Evangelista moved up and became H. Wallis' companion. So it was kind of crazy there for a bit but now we have six hermanas and four elders in our district, which is pretty unusual. And I'll still become a tri-companionship with H. Duchene and H. Seely when H. Harris goes to the Peru MTC. Which will be fun because H. Duchene and H. Seely are some of the sweetest and coolest girls, even though I'll really miss H. Harris.
Good thing H. Harris thinks I'm a big sweetheart (and I'm still trying to figure out why becasue I've never described myself that way) becasue I cry ALL the time. It's getting pretty ridiculous. But H. Harris is nice enough to just love me anyways. The good news is that now that I've adjusted, I don't really cry about how discouraged or frusterated I am and I don't usually cry about missing people, I just cry anytime anything spiritual happens. Which as you can imagine, is a lot. So there hasn't been a single day yet that I haven't cried. Hopefully I can get that under control one of these days...
We have a no sarcasm rule in our zone and I'm trying to be really obediant. But it's kind of hard. However I learned my lesson the other day. On Sunday, we were walking to the temple for temple walk and I was about to make a sarcastic comment and stopped myself. Then one of the elders was like, no just say it. So I go, "Well, I told my boyfriend to meet me at the temple" and right as I say it, we walk past a room full of people who all turn around to give me these horrible glares! It was so bad!! But also sort of funny. I'm trying hard to not make anymore comments like that now.
Friday's are P-days obviously. And that's the only day I can write letters, so I'm really sorry if you wrote me and you haven't gotten anything back yet. I promise I wrote everyone back today!
We also get to go to the temple on Fridays. That was obviously great but it was also strange to do endowments in the Provo temple instead of the Oakland temple. And I wanted Mom and Dad there because that's what was comfortable and what I was used to. But it was still really great and I remembered how to do everything, which was also fabulous.
H. Harris and I found this elder that looks like the kid that plays Joseph Smith in the Joseph Smith The Restoration video. So we told him we thought he looked like Joseph Smith. And guess what? He IS Joseph Smith. So not we've been running around telling everyone that we met Joseph Smith. They think we're crazy, but we don't care.
I think that's about as good as this week gets. I had a list of stories to tell but I left it in my room so I don't remember everything that was on it...
Thanks for everyones support! Love you all!
Hermana Parkin

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