Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meeting an Angel

Today was a day of decisions.
I hate decisions.
But they had to be made.

I went to the place of decision making:
the Oakland temple.

I got stuck in rain and traffic.
It was obvious I was a little flustered and emotional
when the worker saw me come in
and she had to break the news that I was too late.

But then she told me it was going to be okay.
Becasue I was really early for the next session.
And I could help in other ways until that session started.

The whole time I was there,
I kept running into this cute little lady.
And every time she did something else to help me
and make sure I was okay.

You know what the greatest thing she did was?
She loved me.
She didn't even know me.
But she loved me.
That's an angel if I've ever met one.

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