Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big Baptism Weekend

Well the big news for the week is that I'm officially one of the missionaries using online proselyting. All of the zone leaders and sister training leaders had a big training meeting about how to use it on Friday and on Saturday we went out and started to use Facebook. We don't have iPads or iPhones yet and probably won't have them until mid-October so right now we're not using it as much as we will be in the future because we have to use the computers in the Family History Library in Newtown to get on. But it's basically the weirdest thing ever. President almost sent a missionary home for using Facebook and now it's just okay to go on whenever. I can't even explain how weird it is. President has asked us to use our normal Facebook accounts from before our mission, but we have to clean everything up that doesn't relate to our calling as a missionary so right now we're just going through everything we've ever posted in the last 6+ years and hiding or deleting it. It's taking forever. So until I can get everything cleaned up, I won't actually be accepting friend requests from mission people and using it for proselyting. But we are absolutely not allowed to talk to any family or friends through Facebook so unless your not a member of the church and you have questions about the church, please don't try to message me or chat me. I won't answer back. But know that I still love you anyways.=)
Also the other really big news is that Orquidia, Chelsea, Hansel and Jose all got baptized this Sunday!! It was literally the best baptism I've ever been to. We had a family getting baptized and a man who's been waiting months to be able to get baptized. They were all so prepared and so excited and it was the most spiritual baptism I've ever been in. I was crying basically the whole time. President Morgan came and he talked to us afterwards and told us how spiritual of an experience it was and how this was a blessing because of our efforts to become consecrated. I'm just so excited for each one of these four people. They are going to add so much to the branch and they are going to be able to share their testimony with so many other people to help other accept the gospel of Jesus Christ as well. It's the coolest!!!
I went on an exchange yesterday in Newburgh, NY, which happens to be like the number 9 murder capital in the world. Sisters aren't allowed in the actually city of Newburgh, just the cities surrounding it. But the cities surrounding are pretty ghetto too. We taught lots of people in trailer parks. But it was cool. A new experience to write down in my journal. I'm glad I didn't get shot or anything while I was there. I mean I thought I would be safe from that after leaving the Bronx but I guess not.
I hope you are all doing well!
Hermana Parkin

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