Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Watch Out Yankee's Fans, Here Come the Missionaries!


I pretty much feel like nothing eventful happened in the past week so this will be a short one...

Today was transfers and Sister Brog and I are staying here in New Rochelle, which is basically what we expected to happen. We're excited to stay. I'd prefer not to be here as long as I was in the Bronx, mostly because I just love serving in the city too much but I'm really excited for the next  6 weeks. Our area finally feels like a real, normal area and we're excited to see what else lies in store. Our investigators and less actives are doing well. They all have some serious problems but I know that God will continue to help them overcome those problems. The ward is getting more and more excited about helping us with the work so that makes our lives a zillion times better. 

Next Wednesday is the only Wednesday this season that the Yankee's will be playing a game on a p-day and so basically the whole mission is going to the Yankee's game. We all bought super cheap nosebleed seats but who really cares. I mean lets be real about Sister Parkin's sports knowledge. Although I've been to a few baseball games, I pretty much go just to socialize. But in a week from now, I can say that I've been to a Yankee's game and I'm pretty much a Yankee's bandwagon fan because how can I not be a fan when their stadium is in my old ward boundaries?

That's pretty much as exciting as my life gets right now. The mission is the best, as usual. I still think it's crazy that I've been here for so long because didn't I just get here yesterday? 

I hope all of you are doing well!!

Hermana Parkin

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