Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Drunk People Are Weird


Things have been going really well here in New Rochelle. I really love the people that I get to work with. The ward is a little bit harder than my last ward though because we discovered in ward council last Sunday that the ward isn't really interested in being involved with missionary work. There are individuals who want to help and who want to come to appointments but as a whole, the ward doesn't really care and so we don't have a lot of guidance or a ward mission plan or anything. But every place I serve is going to have different challenges and different situations so this is just something else that we have to figure out how to work with. The stake is doing a big training on how the missionaries are here to support the wards and how to use the missionaries so we're hoping that will help the ward understand that we are here to help them in whatever way but that we need a little bit of direction to do so.

We had a zone conference yesterday so we got to go down to the Kingsbridge chapel (where my old ward met) to meet with our zone, my old zone, the other zone in the Bronx , the assistants and with President and Sister Morgan. I love that I work so close to my old area because then I still get to see all the friends I made in my old zone. However the stinking assistants called me on Sunday and asked me to talk during the conference so that wasn't very much fun. I should never be friends with elders that could possibly be future assistants because then stuff like this happens. I always knew that Elder Hajje would one day be an assistant and now that he is, I get stuck talking at zone conference because he thinks I'm a good missionary or something. Besides that part, the conference was really good though and we learned a lot. 

Our investigators are still doing well but also still pretty much the same as last week. But little by little they will get their difficulties resolved because they have the desire to get baptized, they just need to follow the commandments a little better....easier said than done though.

We have a new family that we're teaching. They are super nice and love to talk to us. We're going to have some word of wisdom issues though because they keep offering us alcohol, even though we've already told them we don't drink alcohol. They keep telling us "Oh but you have to try just a little bit of a margarita! It's so good!" or "What about just one shot of tequila?" So that's a concern but for now we're going to focus on the basics and try to help them gain a testimony of the restoration and whatnot before we start telling them what they can and can't do.

Speaking of alcohol, Sister Brog and I seem to magnets for drunk people. We keep running into drunk men that want to talk to us about God. It's really weird and not the coolest. One of them tried to hug me the other day and I tried not to freak out and run away as I patted his shoulder and walked away. Another one started crying and kissing our hands. Drunk people are weird. Especially when you start talking about God. Hopefully this next week can be drunk people free...

I hope all you mothers have a great mother's day and that you all tell you're mom's how great they are. I know my mom is the greatest and better than all of your moms. =]

Love you all,
Hermana Parkin

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