Tuesday, April 26, 2011

oh hey there airport

The day has arrived. I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Dallas, where I will get on another plan that will take me to London! Too bad I have another 4 hours before my flight is supposed to leave. And then, good news, it's delayed. So it's going to be about 5 hours hanging out here at the SLC airport. I hope you all don't think that I'm excited enough or just a freak to get here so early. No my friends, I am here because this is when my ride had to drop me off and I would rather be here early than have no ride at all. I'm tempted to go back to sleep on the floor though. Wonder how many weird looks I would get...On the bright side, I have discovered a whole new side of the airport. Typically I fly Southwest, and my terminal is always the very farthest terminal possible so I'd assumed I'd seen all there was to see. Who know there was a right side to the airport with more terminals, less walking to get to said terminals, and most surprising a Quiznos. I'm growing fonder of this side of the airport. Good thing I have so much time to enjoy it.

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